Research data management

This website is developed by the EPFL Library and aims to support EPFL researchers in the management of their research data, providing tools and guidance at any step of the data life cycle.

Expertise and Advice

Do you have a specific question regarding research data management?

The EPFL Library team is ready to provide you support to get a better understanding of research data management, find appropriate tools and resources, and offer advice on a wide range of aspects, as for example:

  • Data management plan;
  • Data formats, metadata and standards, file naming;
  • Anonymisation of data;
  • Funders’ and publishers’ requirements;
  • Licensing, copyright and legal issues;
  • Data repositories and long term preservation;
  • Data publishing and dissemination;
  • FAIR principles (how to apply them to improve the “FAIRness” of the data).


Feel free to send your questions at this email address: We will get back to you within 24 hours, and based on your needs, we can schedule a meeting to go more in depth in the topic.

You can get further information on this website too. See for example our quick introduction: get started.